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It's the 3am question that haunts every parent who has a child living with special needs:

"How will others know what to do after I'm gone?"

Every special needs parent seeks answers this question.

They ask their trust attorney and other advisors for help. They google special needs experts for gudiance.

In response, parents are commonly advised to prepare a “Letter of Intent” that will provide instructions for their child's caregivers into the future.

As a special needs parent, you know that creating your Letter of Intent is one of the most important tasks you need to complete for your child.

Sadly, if you're like most other special needs parents, when it comes to creating a Letter of Intent, you haven't been able to get the job done.

And it's not your fault!

Parents are unable to create a "Letter of Intent"  because the basic concept is flawed. 

Of course, you must leave instructions for others so they'll know what to do for your chid.

But typing up a "letter" or a list in Word, keeping memos in binders, entering key information in an Excel spreadsheet, and keeping it all in a jumble of files and folders in boxes and on your computer simply cannot get the job done.

Something more is needed.  Here's why.

5 reasons why it's so hard to do a Letter of Intent:

#1. Getting organized 

There are hundreds of constantly changing details to organize. Many parents simply don’t have the time or energy to organize the myriad of details of their child’s life, let alone putting them down on paper.

#2. Formatting

Your Letter of Intent is a “road map” to guide others, so it must be comprehensive, yet easy to follow.

Sure, there are lots of software tools out there, but none of them offer customized solutions just for special needs parents.

Who needs another empty box to fill or a never-ending list of notes?

Finding no practical tools to help format a Letter of Intent, many parents simply abandon the task.

#3. Updating

Your child’s life is constantly changing, so the document must be constantly changed.

Word-processed documents are cumbersome and not easy to update (even if you could remember where you saved it!).

#4. Sharing

Your updated Letter of Intent must be shared with others after you are gone.

You will select different people to fill key roles over time.

E-mailing updated copies of a Letter of Intent during your lifetime is an impossible task to manage. (Still sending emails to the team at age 85?)

When you're gone, others must have way to everything updated, for your child's lifetime! How will they do that?

#5. Getting Started

Facing this daunting task, many parents experience “writer’s block.”

How much information should I include? How much info is too much? How can I not lose it? How can I easily update the document?

How can I share my insructions and guidance for my child's care with the right people after I'm gone?

With so much to think about, there's no clear place to start.

Facing all of these obstacles, and consumed with the 1,000+ daily details in life with special needs, it's little wonder why many special needs parents are unable to write a "Letter of Intent."

That's why we created SpecialVest!

It's imperative that everything about your child’s life, from allergy alerts, to diet, to prescritions, to health, to patterns, and much, much more, must be conveyed to those who will be providing care for your child after you're gone.

Your child's daily routine, education, friends and social activities must be documented in a comprehensive fashion to provide guidance for future caregivers.

Most importantly, you must convey to caregivers all of the things that work well, and your hopes, dreams and desires for your child's future.

You simply cannot do all this with a list.

This is where SpecialVest comes to the rescue!

What is SpecialVest?

SpecialVest is an amazing App that lets you create a "Vest"  for your child with special needs.

Your Vest is where you store, remember, find and connect everything and everyone that matters in your child’s life.

Just like a life-vest, SpecialVest will help keep your child safe and protected today, and into the future.

Your Vest is a true reflection of your child's life. Not just a list.

Vest is organized by Sections and Pockets. Sections cover each major area of your child’s life. Pockets are where you fill in specific and unique information about your child.

Neatly Organized, All In One Place

Say goodbye to post-its, binders, and email chaos.

With SpecialVest, all of the information that used to be spread out across your house and your brain will now have a single home.

SpecialVest lets you remember, find and connect everything and everyone that matters in the life of your child with special needs.

We've arleady organized life with special needs, so you don't have to. Just jump right in and go!

Secure Sharing

SpecialVest lets you easily and securely connect family members and your child’s support team with just the information they need.

Then, whenever you update your Vest, team members are kept current with automatic update notifications.

After your'e gone, your team can continue updating your child's Vest. Sharing solved!

Easy Updates

You can get to your Vest from any device and easily update information as the need arises. Wherever you happen to be.

Vest keeps all of your child's key information at your fingertips, with just one click.

Always available, never lost!

Goodbye Letter of Intent. Hello SpecialVest!

With SpecialVest, you finally have an easy and incredibly powerful way to organize, manage, and share the 1,000+ details that others will need to know to care for your child.

For today, and for your child's lifetime.

Save time, cut stress, and worry less, with SpecialVest.

And get more sleep :)

Unlimited file uploads, IEP Organizer, pinpoint locations & more!

SpecialVest has tons of easy-to-use tools to help navigate life with special needs.

See for yourself - start your Free Trial now >> SpecialVest.com FREE TRIAL

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