Revocable Living Trusts

Your estate plan must provide for your entire family. Your Revocable Living Trust serves as the foundation for your estate plans. We have 20+ years experience helping thousands of parents create Living Trusts for their families.

Special Needs Trusts

Your Special Needs Trust is the cornerstone of planning for your child with special needs. We're experts at helping you create a comprehensive, highly-personalized Special Needs Trust to ensure your child's lifetime care and protection.


When your child reaches age 18, the law takes away your parental rights. A Conservatorship ensures that you will continue to have authority and control to care for and protect your child beyond age 18. We've helped hundreds of families with Conservatorships for their adult children.


Special needs planning requires more than just a Trust. That's why we created the "Family Income, Reserve, & Security Trust." Your FIRST Plan takes into account the varying needs of all your children as life unfolds.

Six Degrees Planning

Effective special needs planning requires a lifetime perspective. Our special needs plans are built within our proprietary "Six Degrees of Transition" planning methodology. Our parents are very excited to see that there is a clear and practical path for their child's future, and their own.

GONE Planning

Our "Go Out Now & Enjoy" Transition Plan will help you put everything in place for your child's care and protection for the time when you can't be there. Then we help you actually see how everything works on your real-time "GONE Test Drive."

SpecialVest App

Michael built an App to help parents navigate life with special needs. SpecialVest helps you save time, reduce stress, and worry less about your child's care and future. Try it Free!

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